Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Tow Mater Cake" - 8/11

I decided to include some progressive photos of the Tow Mater cake I made for a little boy turning 4.  I baked a 12"x 18" vanilla sheet cake, cut out the basic shape and filled with chocolate buttercream, then carved and "dirty-iced" it.  I then covered the cake in blue marshmallow fondant (which I forgot to take pictures of--it looked a truck belonging to a Smurf! lol).  Since Mater was originally blue, I figured this would be the best way to have his original color show through the "rusted" part.  

Now to create the rusted look, I used several different colors of luster dust including brown, copper, peach and aztec gold mixed with lemon extract.  To give him a lift and in order to have the wheels fit properly, I elevated the cake on a sheet of 1" thick rice krispy treats with black fondant covering the edges.  The wheels were also made out of RKT covered in fondant.  All other details were fondant with the exception of the towing cables which were Twizzlers painted with the same "rust" luster dust.  The towing structure itself was wooden dowels covered with fondant.

I was so thrilled that the cake actually looked like Mater!!

12"x 18" vanilla sheet cake

Cut, stacked and filled

Carved and "dirty-iced"

Finished product!  (Small Mater is toy model)

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