Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Pirate Birthday Cake" - 9/11

Here is a pirate-themed birthday cake I made for a little boy turning five.  I used the party invitations as well as the party plates to come up with the design.  I had originally planned on putting the "gold doubloons" around the sides of the cake but then I thought of the #5 gold coin and it wouldn't have looked right with the other chocolate candy coins.  The cake itself is a two-tiered chocolate cake with cookies 'n' cream filling covered in fondant.  The "Jolly Roger" on top is a fondant cutout, red stripes are fondant and the treasure map is handpainted using a mixture of brown petal dust and lemon extract.  I also made the rice krispy treats as party favors for the kids.

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  1. I love the details of your map! Did you do that by hand? Nice compass rose, too! I am flipping through pictures of treasure map cakes, and yours really caught my eye. Nice job!