Monday, January 2, 2012

"Black and White Engagement Cake" - 12/11

...So the previous cake I posted (golf course birthday cake) was actually a cover-up for an even bigger surprise!  My friend's boyfriend was totally in on his"surprise" birthday party and she had no idea no clue.  My friend's mom and I had this pillow cake I made wrapped up like it was a birthday present.  But when he was opening it, he got this confused look on his face and said, "Why would you get me a present that's not even for me?!"  When my friend went to see what it was, she looked in the box and saw this cake with the ring in the box and the words "Will You Marry Me?"  She was completely shocked and that moment made all the stress and all the hours working on these two cakes totally worth it!

Pillow Engagement Cake: Deep Dark Chocolate cake with mocha frosting, covered
white fondant with fondant flowers and swirls.  The trim is royal icing.

The ring box is completely edible (except the ring of course!) made from
RKT covered in fondant custom made to hold the ring.

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