Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Batman Birthday Cake - 1/10

Here is a Batman cake I did for Trenton, the son of a good friend of mine who also helped me with it:) The two-tiered cake is covered in fondant with fondant decorations (except Batman action figure).  If I had this to do again, I would use black fondant for the buildings as more of a silouette and add more starlight.

"Gotham City"

Fondant Batman Symbol


  1. You did an incredible job on your Batman cake! I love to decorate cakes as a hobby too and have made my son's birthday cakes the last few years. This year he wants a Batman cake and I was inspired by yours....can you tell me what size pans you used for the top round and bottom square cakes?? Also what did you use to prop the batman symbol up with? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Oh my goodness! I had planned a nerd themed party for my 16th birthday, but I am in love with Batman. I searched "Batman stacked cakes" and this one popped up! It's amazing! I would like to contact you and see if you could make my Batman cake and how much it would cost. Thanks!

  3. oh my gosh, this is a great looking cake. I am using fondant for the first time this weekend to make batman cupcakes as a school treat for my 3 year old. And if that goes well i think i may try using it to make a cake and this looks like an excellent idea. May have to really get creative to pull something this fabulous off. So i am in the same boat as above, and tips would be absolutely wonderful.

  4. A truly awesome job.