Friday, August 13, 2010

"HE IS RISEN!" - 4/10

This is personally one of my favorite cakes, most of all because of the message it brings--"He is risen!", Christ arose from the grave!  I wanted to do something other than bunnies and baskets for Easter and I had played with the idea of this cake but was not really sure if I could pull it off.  After I finally decided to go for it, I did a sketch and made the crosses ahead of time.  Then the Saturday before, a friend of mine came over and helped me and gave valuable insight as it all came together--Thanks Kristin! :) 
I was so thrilled to see the finished product (especially after the some-what confusing carving process), and how realistic the crosses and rocks looked--all it needed was a light inside the tomb!  I truly hope the Lord was pleased. 

Fondant Crosses

Empty Tomb, Stone


  1. Wow it's a beautiful cake! This is something I had in my head and was googling something's and stumbled across your blog! :) I have to make a cake for our pastor appreciation day this Sunday for church.So I was wondering did you stack sheet cakes and then start craving? Would appreciate the help if you can! :) thank you! I think I'm gonna have to make my crosses out of straight gum paste so they will be hard by Sunday.