Monday, August 6, 2012

"Storybook Castle Cake" 6/12

This storybook castle cake was completely done in buttercream.  The more I do buttercream cakes, especially sculpted ones, the more I come to dread them, simply because they are so unforgiving!  Both the book portion and the castle portion were a deep dark chocolate cake, which is one of my moister recipes, filled with chocolate ganache.  With the cake being so moist it was already hard to sculpt, but I think the hardest part was getting the castle onto the book without messing up the buttercream and the brick texture I had tried to make on it.  Anyhow, the flaws were able to be covered up with more buttercream (grass and bead border) and turned out fine.  The purple looks a lot bluer in this picture, but the turrets were covered in purple cake sparkles and really "fancied" it up! 

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