Monday, November 8, 2010

"Pizza Cake" - 11/10

For my husband's 36th birthday, since he absolutely loves pizza (and I think he would eat it 7 days a week if he could;)), I wanted to make him a pizza cake.  I also had to make a cake for my daughter, whose b-day is two days before his, so I just made a small cake instead of the 12" size I would have liked to make.  So it is a 9" chocolate cake with the edges rounded, covered in buttercream with both the "crust" and the "sauce" being buttercream.  The pepperoni is fondant with a layer of piping gel to make them look greasy and the cheese is melted and grated white chocolate.  To finish it off, I used a creme brulee torch to brown the chocolate a bit and I think it even deepened the color of the sauce to look like real marinara!  And, of course, presented it to him in a pizza box--he loved it!

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